DULUTH Minnesota, USA

As we have reached our 20th Anniversary milestone, we have tried to find a variety of ways to display our gratitude toward everyone who has been a part of our journey….guests, employees, friends, and family.

What we have realized is…we can’t do it, not completely. Over the last 20 years, the number of people who have contributed to our success has grown well beyond what we can trace. The New Scenic Café has ceased to be simply a destination or a place to work…it has become an interwoven tapestry of persons, stories, and experiences.

So please know this….whether you joined us in 1999 or just yesterday, whether you have dined with us once or one hundred times, whether you worked with us a day or a decade, whether you came to celebrate your own milestones or stumbled in straight from the Boundary Waters…we are grateful for every single one of you, truly. We are here, and we carry on because of you.

Thank you!

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